About Us

At Selva, we believe in the power of touch and all of the responsibility that comes with it.

Welcome to Selva Spa.

We feel grateful to work in an industry that grants the intimacy to touch, and work towards, each person’s version of healing.

This is why every service with our therapists is curated with intention. We are passionate about creating experiences tailored to every persons’ focused needs. Whether you come to us for relief from an injury, an action plan for your skincare, or just to celebrate and relax, you can trust us to listen to your concerns, teach you what we know about your issue, and to the best of our ability, make an impact.

We care about you, the environment and our impact.

At Selva, we use only the best, cleanest, and ethical product lines. Being a responsible consumer is hard, which is why we only  use, sell, promote and partner with companies who are cruelty free and provide amazing, results driven product.

We believe in utilizing a combination of science and nature to deliver exemplary results in skincare and bodywork. Our clinically tested product lines combined with a holistic approach and passionate staff are the key to what makes Selva special. 

We work hard and do our own research to provide you with the ultimate experience every time you come into our spa. You can trust that the products, services, and experiences you receive at Selva were handpicked and designed with your health and happiness, as the client in mind.

About the Staff

Brooke Christeson

Brooke Christeson


Brooke is a Utah native with 12 years of experience in esthetics and 4 years in massage therapy.  She previously worked as an instructor at the Skin Academy in Salt Lake City, as well as several boutique and resort spas in Jackson Hole and Park City. She took influence for Selva from her experience living in Mexico and Costa Rica, and wanted to bring some of that culture home to Utah. She is affluent in Craniosacral and is Touch Education certified in Bodywork for PTSD. She is passionate about providing corrective skincare without losing the relaxing spa experience. All of her treatments are curated with the intention of maintaining the integrity of the body as a whole while achieving great results. Education is a big part of her treatments, as she feels it is pivotal for her clients to understand and work towards their own progress at home as well as in the treatment room.

When Brooke isn’t working she enjoys hiking and camping with her dog Amelia, who you will always find by her side, even at the spa!

Marissa Antoni

Marissa Antoni


Marissa graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2019 where she trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Shiatsu, and Craniosacral. After which, she felt called to join Brooke in Utah to practice her craft. She combines her techniques to create a well-rounded approach to massage that helps sculpt the body back into alignment. Growing up as a competitive athlete, she has seen the power of touch in the body’s recovery process firsthand. This is where her desire to aid in the healing journeys of others arose. She utilizes a combination of focused stretches and soft tissue friction to elongate musculature and provide a deep, restorative treatment customized to the individual need of her clients.

When Marissa is not at the spa, she enjoys exploring Utah looking for a snowy summit to ski, a great trail to hike, or a beautiful lake to jump into.

Millie D

Millie D

Official Spa Dog

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